Zinc Phosphate Coating

Zinc Phosphate Coating Services

Matherne Instrumentation provides numerous convenient, cost-saving services to our customers and one of these services is zinc phosphate coating. Poor planning or missed deliveries from coating suppliers is not acceptable. Here at Matherne, we can provide a turn-key machined product for our customers with a zinc phosphate coating, eliminating the headache of using a separate supplier, additional logistics and shipping costs, the potential for damaging goods during shipping, and additional costs of having to generate multiple purchase orders, inspections, etc.

Why is Zinc Phosphate Coating Important?

In addition to corrosion resistance, the zinc phosphate coating process can improve the appearance of finished goods through the creation of a uniform appearance. The process is also a cost-effective alternative to plating or painting, particularly on hidden steel and iron parts.

At Matherne Instrumentation, we want to simplify your ordering process and lower your production costs. Contact our sales team for a quote; they are ready to answer and deliver solutions to get your project started.

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